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I don’t really know how to speak on this… having drinks with a dear female straight identified friend who has some self-righteous testimony on equating homosexuality resulting from mainly rape…thus on par with immorality. Whereas previously she pulled me to the side to inform me (as I didn’t ask, we were nowhere on the topic) her boyfriend is more or less too hypermasculine and sensitive toward other ideals/truths on the proposed intersection between gender roles, identities and bodies aka homophobia and sexism.

After we hit the L…
Then later on, as he is telling me about his time in SanFran… my high… GONE. Not because of his more or less expected recollection of his experience… but my dear friends comment on it’s connection to the incredibly overwhelmingly sensory overload of being surrounded by gay people (aka being the minority and witnessing gay rights out loud without shame as opposed to being in hetero-privilege paradise).
The argument’s primary focus should not be on the sex of the person/(child) who was targeted and victimized.There is no differentiation between a young male/female/trans/etc. being sexually assaulted. It should not be more sad that a (young) male-body is victimized when compared to a non-male body, or in this case categorizing one as “others”, or even lesser than and quite possibly somehow more “understandable” to the case of victimization. That is erasing and invalidating the victim as a whole and equating femininity with weakness and lesser (and quite possibly somehow more “deserving”) if you’re argument is that homosexuality makes a person a “lesser man”. Homosexuality doesn’t make someone less of anything let alone a human being.
The vast majority of victims are targeted by heterosexual-identified males who seek to obtain power from anyone they can steal it from. Sexual assault is usually much more about violence and anger than it is about lust or sexual attraction.
Destroying lives in the most heinous, traumatizing and genocidal of ways.

When you experience your power stolen from you by a ritual that has systemically and historically been condoned … first and foremost the act is designed to destroy your self-worth. PERIOD. It doesn’t seek to “feminize” you because femininity isn’t weak. It seeks to steal you power that you were inherently granted because you’re a human being. What’s disturbing is that we equate that with powerlessness… femininity on a whole.
It’s a shame that we are equating victimization with feminine identity and female bodies. ANd I feel that it’s because historically the issue of rape has always endangered those who do not identify as hyper-masculine or better yet practicing trauma via transforming bodies into weapons, for personal gain.

Not just young male bodies because it “turns them feminine/lesser-than/victim/powerless”; thus making this a permanent definition on how to view, perceive and TREAT non-masculine identified/non-traditional masculine identified/non-male bodies, when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s MUCH more that factors into this…

I’m sleep doe.

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Read it again:  EVERY.  SINGLE.  REPUBLICAN.  Yes, that includes women. 

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FBI billboards not about Assata Shakur; it’s about repressing the black communityMay 5, 2013
Following the ludicrous announcement that the Obama administration has placed Assata Shakur on its “most wanted terrorist list”, the FBI has erected billboards in Newark, New Jersey announcing its recently increased $2 million dollar reward. However, any critically thinking person knows that these billboards are not about capturing Assata Shakur but sending a message to the rest of us. Interestingly, perhaps just a coincidence or not, Newark, New Jersey is the place where a theater co-owned by Shaquille O’Neil, recently reneged on an agreement to show a popular independent film about the life of another former member of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.Is Assata Shakur in New Jersey? No, she is not and the FBI and the Obama administration know exactly where she is, in Cuba where she has lived since being granted political asylum by its government in 1979 after escaping from prison. 
This is not about Assata Shakur, it is about sending a message to the Black community and those that live within it who stand up to police violence, oppression and murder of residents, one of the very reasons for the formation of the Black Panthers. It is about the political repression of those who advocate on the behalf of the many political prisons being held by the United States government often in torturous conditions. It is about sending a message to anyone who would take up arms in defense of life, liberty and true freedom in a country that is home to the largest prison population in the world which the federal government and various corporations use as slave labor. It is about sending a message to those that would dare stand up and point out that the US government is the most violent entity on the planet and one that commits acts of terrorism against non-white people and nations on behalf of maintaining the American imperialist status-quo.Why else would the U.S. government seek to name Assata Shakur as a domestic terrorist after all these decades? We are talking about a woman who was shot twice while attempting to give herself up to police who were co-operating with Federal authorities to target and assassinate or otherwise eliminate members of the Black Liberation movement just as they had done and admitted in a civil lawsuit to doing to Martin Luther King Jr.The FBI and its corporate media wing fail to report the details of the sham case built against Assata Shakur after failing to win convictions on other trump up charges. The corporate media is failing to point out that a police officer, a state witness against Assata Shakur for the murder of another police officer, has recanted his testimony and admitted to lying on the stand. Medical personnel stated that because of nerves severed by a bullet, Assata Shakur would have been physically prevented from firing a weapon and it was also stated that her wounds indicate her hands were raised when she was shot consistent with her claim that she was giving herself up.Just as Assata Shakur has pointed out that COINTELPRO utilized and received full cooperation from the corporate media to demonize and alienate freedom fighters from the people who supported them, corporate media today is still fulfilling that role. The concept of a free and independent press in America has always been a fraud and it remains so today.
Read more about Assata Shakur & find a link to her autobiography here.

Think of this; our government has placed efforts into researching social networks on the internet to pinpoint possible civilian activism (that may pose a threat to white supremacist capitalist order), and just last year they started putting up these billboards that again demonized Assata Shakur and painted her as a wanted killer rather than a framed activist. None of this is coincidental, they’re trying to specifically instill fear into black women who may want to join activist circles with similar interests as that of Assata. They want to make sure that another Assata doesn’t happen because why the fuck else would they randomly start putting billboards of someone who’s BEEN announced as ‘Most Wanted’ with a 2 million dollar bounty on her life. Why? intimidation. Our government has been studying us well and they probably fear another revolutionary or many revolutionaries similar to her will come through. Don’t ever forget how fearful our government is of intelligent black women.

Do they still have this up in Jerz cuz I couldnt find it.
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I’ve been living on my own for almost 4 years now and I have like 50 tabs open.
Bless the person who put together this post, it ought to be made into a pamphlet for everyone in highschool/college.


Learning to let things go… #worthit

Can’t always worry bout the talkers… for their voices soon become faint whispers as I’m headed to the top.

What’s the point in appeasing everyone else but the one person that I never allowed precedence…me?

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This is a Venn diagram.


  • Society: Being homosexual is wrong, it says so in the bible...
  • Me: I feel you... but remember when nigguz thought the earth was flat...
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he made the comment “i only date white women” i questioned why, he said “because they bitter with attitudes” so i had to break it down to him in an dept. convo

If y’all forreal do not reblog the everlasting shit out of this

Throw education on these boys

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The most ignored words in the world.

aka don’t be a dick

it’s the same message and yet we have had wars about religions for hundreds of years