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Shit happened to Ferguson is happening in Hong Kong right now!

Students were just protesting peacefully for genuine democracy around Admiralty and Central, yet the police force used pepper spray, tear gas and violence to disperse the crowd. According to the protesters, the police even raided a first aid booth with pepper spray.

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No lies.


Advertises as the land of the free
Complains when people want freedom.
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Check out this dazzling article in Outrage magazine, (The Philippines’ last LGBTQ publication) featuring Ryann Holmes, bbh creator.  
Celebrating transmasculinity

“There was an absence (of us),” Ryann said to Outrage Magazine. “I couldn’t see anything (about us) in TV, in the movies, and even in the Internet.” And though, he admitted, there may have been some representations, “I still couldn’t relate to them.”

And vice versa

I dont know who you are or if you exist…
But if youre willing to love me in spite of my flaws and look at my imperfections as leaves waiting to wilt or seedlings struggling to grow…
Thank you.
I hope we meet when its least expected.


The turning of morning cogs

True. We all cope in some way, shape or form.
But what happens when your coping mechanism(s) enable these massive systems of oppression and tyranny to thrive.
They say you’re apart of the solution or the problem.
And some of us are so systematically targeted that we are purposefully made to be shut down and weighed down. Thereby promoting the “living wage” gap of financially disenfranchised persons who are heavily reliant on the system (that’s already rigged and intentionally unfavorable), provoking mental and emotional instability as well as lack of physical health or means to programs that cater to health and wellness.
And ofcourse ultraviolence within the working class is a must in order to create the invisible lines that are made to institutionalize learned behaviors of survivalism and create an excuse to kill you.
“Ain’t nobody got time for that” has been one of the most sane quotes you will always hear from the oppressed because it’s a well poised catch phrase that covers the pain. We don’t have time to focus and cater to ourselves because all these purposeful outlier forces are being introduced to break and bend and contort the mind into thinking exactly what they want you to believe: that you are worthless, that life is meant to be a struggle, that if only you worked hard enough you could’ve got your due but too bad for you and your laziness, that if you wish to be recognized then materialism is the de facto into the realm of the deserving and beautiful people, that education systems will save you, that Amurrikkka the beautiful was actually a land built upon moral and just values.
Nobody wants to look Liberty in the eye because we all fear seeing what we know is true: it’s all a carefully constructed and well oiled mechanic clockwork of an even greater LIE.

Know your worth, return to self, desire yourself… Learn who you are without the static of distractions. The truth shall set you free.
Be encouraged.
The only way out this matrix is in your mind.


Really tho, how does one define sane?

They think you crazy for wantin to change the world.
I think its delusional to pretend like everything is borderline ok.
There is nothing ok with the current state of the world.
Take a second to think bout it fr.


Again, Stop policing Black sexual and reproductive behavior. Stop telling us we need to stop having babies, or that we should be married and college is a sure-fired way to move up in class ---it is not!

  • Frank B. Wilderson III: So. There's this whole army of white people - missionaries, educators, and the like - who go down South to help rehabilitate the Negro after slavery. And in reading that, a wave of cynicism swept over me, because all of a sudden I thought of Freedom Summer, and the white students in SNCC, which is a blasphemous thought to have.
  • Sadiya Hartman: - It's too immediate, but yes. I mean, it's incredible: these people have been working - have made the nation rich - and suddenly there's this question of whether or not they can actually be productive. And here as everywhere else in the world, you need violence to make a working class. So what you see are the various means utilized to do that: forms of state violence, extra-state violence, and the values propagated by moralizing and religious discourses. And what's interesting is that the black elites become the purveyors of those very values. Kevin Gaines has shown in Uplifting the Race how in many ways the agenda of the black elite is reactionary and they are, in effect, the handmaidens of the state. For example, in the black feminist work on marriage, I think there's been a one-sided assessment of the institution: the enslaved were denied marriage, so now they have access to it and can secure the bonds of their love. But it's also being enforced as part of an agenda of social control. And it's also being utilized - since interracial marriages are prohibited - to force black men to assume the responsibility for the offspring of white men and black women. So in that context, what does it actually mean to make the ex-slave into a certain kind of subject? And, again, who does that serve? It is an agenda for creating dutiful workers, and instilling in them a desire for consumption so that they become dependent upon wages, as opposed to the self-sufficient peasants that they would otherwise choose to be.
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been down that road